Often, with more humidity in the air, it becomes important to have an AC with better capacity to dehumidify the air. It has pre-coated aluminum fins which deliver efficient performance. Auto-restart function keeps the last active temperature settings before the power outage and automatically optimizes the temperature when the power comes back on. The LG LS-Q12YNZA is a 1 Ton air conditioner which can cool small rooms pretty quickly. It is very important to know what you are looking for in an AC. The outdoor unit is treated with an anti-weather coat to prevent bacterial growth and subsequent degradation of air quality. This compressor has a maximum cooling capacity of 3550W at a rated annual electricity consumption of 732.09 units. The SI 10TSCIC s an entry-level 1 Ton budget Split AC from Sanyo that offers great value for money. The rotary compressor ensures fast cooling as well as noiseless operation even under heavy loads. This AC has an inbuilt stabilizer to handle voltage fluctuations which is a common occurrence in India. LG is a South Korean conglomerate that has been playing in the Indian market along with Samsung. I prefer spending little extra for a comfortable life. The humidity regulation and control feature in this air conditioner prevents fungal growth in the AC compartments and keeps the air fresh and clean. This product from LG boasts of a 5-star BEE 2020 certification which returns the best energy efficiency among other air-conditioners in its segment. After usage of 5 months remote not working properly.its takes too much time to change one mode to another mode...remote control very bad.....wifi not working... Lovely ac with nice features love it... Cooling is awesome, Nice product but installation is not satisfied. its better than Voltas.. i have purchased both Voltas 1.2ton... Never buy Marq products. Being an Indian company and owned by TATA, Voltas provides the best after-sales support and service when compared to its competitors with its widespread service network. The rotary type compressor offers a quiet operation even under heavy loads. If you have a tighter budget but are in dire need of an inverter compressor with a copper condenser, the Sanyo SI 10TSCIC should be the goto choice. A 1 ton AC will take close to an hour to cool the room. Perfect AC with proper cooling. Check out our reviews of the best split ACs (Air Conditioners) in India. With a pure copper type condenser inside, the cooling is much more efficient and durable for the long run. The same model available in different sizes let you keep the existing features and upgrade to a much more improved refrigeration capacity. The Godrej GIC 12 YTC3 has a high EER inverter rotary compressor on board assisted with a copper condenser to ensure optimal performance with power efficiency and durability. This product is also available at an affordable price compared to 1 ton split ac prices in general. Now, before I go into the detailed difference between the two, I must say that I did not have much idea about it initially. One of the most important things is the weight of an AC, that is, if you are looking for a 1 ton or a 1.5 ton AC. Copper condensers do perform better than the aluminium or alloy counterparts in any given situation. This way, it ensures that the cooling effect is spread in the entire room. They come in three main varieties – split, window and portable. Got delivered in 2 working days and installed on next day. Check out the full disclosure below. I bought 2 and have been cheated. This is suitable for Indian summers as it gets very hot outside and since the outdoor unit is placed in the open, most other air conditioners tend to struggle in cooling down the interiors. Voltas is the air conditioning and cooling equipment subsidiary of Tata group and one of the best in the industry at it. 1 Ton AC comes with the advantage of lighter weight whereas 1.5 ton AC has better efficiency. The months of May through July can become really sultry and if you don’t have an air conditioner, your home can be the gas chamber. The Voltas 123V CZT3is a 1-Tonne 3-star BEE 2020 rated inverter air conditioner which perfectly suits small rooms with floor space ranging from 80 to 100 sq.ft. Purchasing an AC depends on your requirements. The Hitachi 1 Ton Window AC has a 5 star BEE rating which makes it very energy efficient. Carrier is an American electrical equipment manufacturer specializing in HVAC products around the globe and well regarded for high-quality air conditioning products. The very first step is to know your requirement. Functioning of an AC is about re-circulation of the warm air into the colder one. Made of a combination of plastics and fibre, the build quality of this refrigerator is decent for its asking price. Dual rotary compressors are employed to increase the temperature span that the AC can achieve thereby providing the customer with a wide temperature range choice that suits his needs. The Whirlpool MagiCool has 100% pure copper condenser coil which is much more efficient in cooling operation and assures maintenance-free operation for a very long time. This article talks about the difference between 1 ton and 1.5 ton air conditioner, the importance of rating of an AC, and how we can select the best one depending on our requirements. This 1-Ton air conditioner comes with a 4-stage filter which blocks and eliminates dust as well as microbes from entering the air stream keeping you and your surroundings healthy and fresh. This is ideal for small rooms and should be preferred over higher capacity air conditioners. Novel features such as remote mounted temperature sensor and auto cleanser add to the charm of this quality product. Selecting the right ton of AC depends on the area that you wish to cover. On the other hand, a 1.5 ton AC, with a room of similar size, will take close to 30 minutes to cool down the room. A one-ton air conditioner is rated at 12,000 Btu (British Thermal Unit) per hour. Yet what is important to know is that, a higher ton of an AC would require you to pay more bills. The Sanyo SI 10TSCIC is one of the cheapest air conditioners in the Indian market which comes with an inverter type compressor. When an AC is of 1 ton, it takes about 210 KJ of energy in converting the warm air from the surrounding and supplying the cold air to the room. There is also an antibacterial filter that enhances the quality of the air output. If you have a small room/ office space to be cooled quite quickly without going high on electricity consumption, this air conditioner is a worthy choice. Bettershark is supported by it's readers and when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This air conditioner boasts an indoor sound level of about 21dB which is one of the lowest in the market at present. A 1 ton ac is a good investment for small sized rooms. You can experience an excellent cooling with a 1.5 ton AC provided you have a room for cooling. It has a handy auto restart feature which ensures that you don’t have to manually reset cooling settings post power-cut. If the room you are looking to put up an. Expensive, since high electricity consumption. The silver ion filter inside the conditioning unit ensures microbe-free, uncontaminated air to be exhausted out of the vent. LG has included low refrigerant detection that will make sure the refrigerant levels are optimum. The LS-Q12YNZA is LG’s take on entry-level air conditioner market that has been launched recently in the Indian market. The Carrier ESKO+ is made using high-quality polycarbonate plastic chassis which is designed specifically to ensure smooth airflow. This air conditioner can be used in medium-sized rooms that do not exceed 120 sq.ft. When the size of the room is more than 180 square feet, I always go with a 1.5 ton AC. The Carrier ESKO+ is a 1-ton capacity rotary inverter split AC suitable for a small room/office space with floor volume ranging from 100 – 120 sq.ft. The cooling effect, though depending on the size of the room, is lesser for 1 ton AC. This air conditioning unit comes equipped with 3 Brushless DC motors, controlled by smart logic resulting in higher efficiency. The Hitachi 1 Ton Window AC has a 5 star BEE rating which makes it very energy efficient. Moreover, under Indian circumstances, the temperature is hot and humid during the summer. If you have any questions or have suggestions to improve our article, please do let us know in the comments. Silent operation of an air conditioner equates to minimal distractions which is always a welcome addition. Added features such as humidity control and night mode make this a solid deal for under Rs.25,000. As I was looking for purchasing an air-conditioner, I decided to follow certain important steps.