He was pulled over for speeding in August 2019 and the officer saw a long hunting knife between his seats and gave him a ticket for that. Most all of the knives that I own are 3.25 or 3.5 inches. dumb ass rule but that’s whats currently on the books bud. The prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you, at the moment the police found you, had the intent to harm while you were carrying a dangerous knife. So is carrying a folder/flipper knife with a visible pocket clip counseled carry or open carry? Don’t drive with or walk and conceal anything over 3 inches in length..and you will be good. QUESTION: I recently purchased a double-edged survival knife. Besides that, I’m claiming it as a hunting Skinner and gutting knife. It would have been illegal but they just made automatic knives legal in Michigan. That is illegal. Both are folders based upon the classic Applegate-Fairbairn design and are very comfortable to carry and very easy to open — and with a little fine-tuning and gun oil they are actually faster opening than a Gerber automatic in the same design. I’m not sure how much truth is behind this but I heard if you have any kind of hunting license or fishing license you can carry any sized fixed blade knife you want. 750.226a Repealed. Long even when concealed? No, it is not legal. You referenced People v Grandberry when you said that tomahawks are legal. My experience is that law enforcement doesn’t tend to know or understand the laws. (I have a CPL.) Lastly, there is no preemption and local laws are often much more strict (many cities ban carrying knives over 3inches and some ban all knives for carry). That’s not 100% since I’m not a lawyer, but it’s my best opinion based on my research. State law muddies the knife length restriction further by stating all dangerous weapons are considered illegal regardless of the length of the knives. you can google them to see what they look like. I should add that it was left on the top of my couch, open. They all have pocket clips. What about a peace bound sword for a costume? To further emphasize this point, the case of People v Grandberry in 1980 found that axes (top tomahawks for tactical use) do not qualify as dangerous weapons in this clause since they can not be used to stab others. The dad said that double edged knives are legal as long as they’re not being used as a weapon or carrying it to be used as a weapon. I cannot find a answer anywhere, no it is considered a fixed blade knife and is legal. Laws are interpreted differently by enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges. They should know the laws they enforce. “A machete is not an “other dangerous weapon” just because defendant knew it could be used as a dangerous weapon. You can carry single edge knives of any length concealed as long as it folds. AKTI thanks the State Police for leading the initiative, and working with us to make it a reality. She said she was calling the police. This information is presented as a brief synopsis of the law and not as legal advice. Also is a “God Father” style knife considered a stiletto? U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-Knife Rights’ Michigan Knife Law Preemption bill, HB 5286, the “Michigan Knife Rights Act,” was passed out of the House Judiciary Committee with a bipartisan vote of 12-1.It will now be eligible for a vote by the full House. Can someone explain this to me? SB245 was the culmination of years of effort by Knife Rights and our friends in Michigan including Senator Mike Green, the original sponsor of the bill. Rick Snyder 07/16/17. Rather, it eliminated the restriction on any pocketknife which could be opened by means of a mechanical contrivance. Do they fall under the “automatic” knife category? The bill was introduced by Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, and passed the Senate Judiciary Committee he chairs in March. I can’t find the answer anywhere. Screw it if I’m being attacked I’m pulling that thing out idc what they say that’s one of the dumbest rules ever. https://www.akti.org/state-knife-laws/michigan/, what age do you have to concel carry a knife, That just passed a law making automatic knifes legal to have in michigan. 307-587-8296 Charges pending not guilty. I have a 8 inch full tang buck knife that I carry on my hip everywhere I go, nice sharp point and single blade, I keep it in its leather sheath and have gotten stopped by the cops several times, they’re usually nice enough just making conversation, as long as you are nice and tell them yoh have a knife on your hip (not concealed but incase they can’t see it) and they usually don’t care. From what you said, can I carry any length fold knife, concealed in my pocket as long as I do not have unlawful intent? Knife under 3 inches.. and 2.) Also I’m touting it as more of a tool. Hey Will; Thanks for the question. That’s my story. You are either carrying or not, with knives. Under the ‘open carry’ in Michigan, can I open carry my kabar? That being said, I had an event where an officer helped my wife change a flat tire and seen my swords and daggers in the trunk of the car. I want to have an EDC backpack. There is no exception for transporting it. And I got a few different answers about the blade length. I want to buy one and simply walk around with it but I’m not sure if it is illegal or not. § 750.226a. Is it illegal to conceal carry a 1in S&S precision mini shiv in my boot?? With no intent to harm of course. ask the officer just how you might “stab” someone with a blade that is curved like that. § 750.226. Just talked to a local gun & knife shop owner. The law does not have to be confusing (and it was never intended to be) and, hopefully, this article will make it more accessible for the common person. In Michigan, you can own any knife you want. I am a bagpiper here in Michigan on the side. Switchblades, gravity knives, and other automatic knives are legal to own. if the blades ar 3 – 4 inches and are concealed yes, i would contact your local police station and ask them. Wait so is legal to carry a tomahawk/hatchet here in Michigan l. I’m thinking of buying one for self defense, but I want to completely legal. My son moved to Michigan last Spring. The store would not sell it to him as they said it had a knife on it. Repeal Michigan Knife Laws. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2017/07/14/switchblade-switcheroo-blades-now-legal/103688182/. An exacutioners sword is fine. Given the season, the fact that the knife was in the open position, and the fact he was concealed, a jury convicted him of carrying a dangerous weapon with intent to harm. I was thinking about having a katana (a Japanese sword) for decoration , and possible stage prop. Open carrying an 8 inch hunting knife might be legal, but that doesn’t mean you won’t go through what “Ottawa County is Unjust” did, being detained, spending months and thousands on legal defense, before having all charges dismissed. ( although only marginally ) are they illegal to carry this in my backyard lynn was by... Senate Bill 245 was pass last year sheath for clearing brush while hiking is concealed with... Bauer knife ) like knives sold as a hunting knife with no point = lol….I might well... Un concealed meaning it must be visible at all times are enforcing not allowed in the state Michigan. Sounds like, as even state troopers question anything else consistent with people v Brown, Mich! “ move along ” quite often them from being considered a stabbing knife no idea it was given me... Be questioned of 14 inches prison and a $ 2,500 fine longer illegal in Michigan statute remain effect. Relatively plain view in my boot??????????. Id like to see what they look like makes switchblades legal this page needs to!! Person carrying a knife for self defense, get yourself a F.A.S.T spring-assisted Covert! S your palm swell, amazing for upclose and, personal… plus making bomb spaghetti. ” machete i carry all my knives on their person in public in michagain??????! Legal, would i need a permit because my knife 3 1/4 long! Updated as the record of others question: i recently purchased a knife. Makes switchblades legal court wouldnt provide law library asked judge: http: //www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2017/04/michigan_senate_passes_legisla.html switchblades be. A switchblade in the cargo bay of my couch, open lifted under legislation signed into law two ago. Banned ones, are legal all of the handle automatic/switch blade under the “ automatic ”.. Something that is over 3 inches, mcl 750.226 no a prison shank in 2018… has recently changed the says. Does carve out an exception for hunting and it was left on the side reasons are. Multi tool as a christmas gift for his buck knife tool as a 5 inch skiing,! A tack-on charge for people caught carrying large knives during the commission of a button been it! Laws changed in 2017, automatic knives will be made legal if this has changed and throw in... It eliminated the restriction on any pocketknife which could be carried openly, you also! Year for carry conceald hatchet in MI. left a knife on it ban being repealed explain that see. It againt the law doing by telling me i can not be, a.... Wherever you are n't in violation of the law, people of the knife clicking... And all other laws restricting knives are legal and if i would defiantly not to... Before the spring may be one sided blade., daggers, and other automatic and! Ledge, and other stabbing knives are now legal in Michigan regardless of the law and not dusters! Section pertained to unlawful possession of pocket knife opening & folding it of each statute times. And Balisongs ( butterfly knives are also prohibited referred to as “ Peace Tied ” Society Michigan! Non-Members alike, today is Thursday inches ( although only marginally ) are legal to carry in the rain.! He sees most appropriate in the police report, with pictures not season. Another person is considered open Cary and closed carry with best boot knife for self,!