#2 (tie): Mardu Humans (36 points): Firsts: Land Value, Out-of-the-Box. Upgrading the precon directly doesn't seem like it would result is a very powerful deck. Remember, if you enjoy the video please give it a like and subscribe to both Sef and I for more EDH content!Check out Sef's Channels:Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/philoseferYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/philoseferTwitter: https://twitter.com/philoseferTCG Player: https://tinyurl.com/y8a5bra9 I even ran into a Boardstate where my opponents had to point out I had the win, because they can get so crazy, you might just not see it. Making matters worse, to support backup commander Zaxara, the Exemplary, the deck also has some random X-spells that are not especially playable as well as creatures like Hungering Hydra and Vastwood Hydra, which don't do much to support the primary mutate theme (other than possibly add a creature with some +1/+1 counters to the battlefield to mutate on). Jeskai Cycling wins the category simply because Fierce Guardianship is worth significantly more than the rest of the cycle. So many different fun interactions in this list that you just stumble upon. Temur Spells and Mardu Humans come out on top in our artifact ranking since rather than just three good artifacts, both decks got four, although Temur Spells edges out Humans for the top spot since Lightning Greaves and Twinning Staff are much more valuable than Skullclamp and Sanctuary Blade. Just throw in ramp and whatever win con you want and you have a deck. Wildest thing was killing a Animar player with his infinite combo on the stack with a deathbringer thoctar activation with support from another player that copied it and helped, then killing every one with Metallic Redcap when it was my turn. Every year, reprint value is a major criticism of the Commander release, but in reality, the average value of reprints (only counting cards worth at least $2) has increased yet again this year. Tymna the Weaver. Build awesome Commander decks on a 20 tix budget. I have trouble seeing why this commander is fun/popular, could you enlighten me? How long can Tomer ramble without talking to Seth? We've updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The two worst decks—Sultai Mutate and Abzan Keywords—didn't get first in a single category. Meanwhile, the three top decks didn't finish last in a single category. Worsts: Value, Backup Commanders, Artifacts, Nonlegendary New Cards. Commander 2020 has five decks, so the total number of points given out increased from 100 to 150. Add in that Otrimi, the Ever-Playful might be the least exciting and playable of the face commanders, and Sultai Mutate comes in at the very bottom of our list. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Tomer's Top 10 Favorite Cards From Commander Legends. I built without mass land destruction or Kiki or extra turns to lower the power level and maximize the fun and it's the best. While this is fine as long as it least one opponent doesn't have anything that can block a 4/4, as the game goes along and the board gets cluttered, it's going to be harder and harder to make Kalamax, the Stormsire into anything but an underpowered creature. Seconding this, just built grenzo a couple weeks ago and he's an absolute blast to pilot. You obviously want big mana stuff to target with cascade, but having just big mana stuff means you play nothing all game. My biggest issue with the straight-out-of-the-box precon is that it feels light on ways to dump creatures into the graveyard, especially early in the game. Worsts: Face Commander, Land Value, Reprint Commanders, Reprints, Out-of-the-Box, Upgradable. In terms of land value, Mardu Humans is the clear winner, mostly because along with a bunch of random dual lands in the $1–2 range, it also got the $5 Path of Ancestry (which is a solid reprint and a very playable land in Commander). And some of the best mutate cards are off-limits for the preconstructed deck since they are in Ikoria itself. Clear. A couple of quick notes: the two big winners are Xyris, the Writing Storm (187 decks) and Zaxara, the Exemplary (182 decks), making these two legends more popular than most of the "face" commanders from Commander 2020. Kraum, Ludevic's … Regardless, here's a brief justification of my rankings. So if you like consistency, Jeskai Cycling seems like an obvious choice. Cookies help us deliver our Services. $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00. Sometimes you go big, sometimes you go home, but no matter what the deck feels fun to play! Temur Spells: First and foremost, add some ways to make sure that Kalamax, the Stormsire can always be tapped, even if you don't have any good attacks, with vehicles like Smuggler's Copter and equipment like Whispersilk Cloak being some of the easiest options. If it's jank but fun, I'm all for it. Today, we're trying to figure out one thing: which Commander 2020 deck is best! My list is almost all creatures with power 3 or less, and the goal of the deck is to keep pulling the handle on the slot machine to see what you get. In the end, the straight-out-of-the-box Abzan Keyword deck feels like it should have some really powerful games when it draws the right cards early but will also have some really bad games where it is unable to fill the graveyard for Kathril, Aspect Warper or gets stuck with a bunch of 8-drops in hand with no ramp. … Mardu Humans: Normally, I'm not a big fan of aggro decks in Commander—killing three opponents with a combined 120 life is a lot to ask. In some ways, Commander 2020 is the most unique Commander release yet, being the first group of Commander precons tied to a specific set (in this case, Ikoria) and having five decks when last year only had four. Today, Sef and I are listing our Top 10 favorite, most fun to build around commanders from Commander Legends! Then, after going through all 10 categories, we can tally up the scores and see which Commander 2020 deck really is the best! [[Tatyova]] can be built in a multitude of ways because of the way she draws you cards. Building janky brews based on your votes. Anyway, that's all for today. That said, all of the increase between this year and last year can be attributed to a single card: Arcane Signet, which adds about $6 to each deck. Third, play whatever instants you want! Cards like Fauna Shaman and Survival of the Fittest offer ways to get the exact creature you want into your graveyard, while cards like Stinkweed Imp, Underrealm Lich, Golgari Grave-Troll, and Hermit Druid can help with the graveyard filling. Mardu Humans: Humans rank highly on our upgradability scale for two reasons. Sultai Mutate: The Sultai Mutate deck is at a natural disadvantage for out-of-the-box play simply because its face commander—Otrimi, the Ever-Playful—needs a bunch of mutate cards to be powerful, and since mutate is a new mechanic in Ikoria, there aren't that many mutate cards in an absolute sense (especially compared to other Commander 2020 themes like Humans or cycling).