If you want to place an even larger monitor then you would have to keep it a little front of the CD and mobile holders on the desk. Although the design is very basic and minimal, the presence of all these holders gives them a weird look. Fits my 2, 27inch monitors. Overall I love the desk. These desks have multiple raised platforms to increase the workspace and accommodate multiple gaming equipment in a limited space. The gaming desk boasts a load capacity of up to 176 lbs. It is very modern compare to the previous desk I had and it was very easy to assemble took me roughly 20~ minutes. The position of your arms, neck, and back are directly impacted by the height of the desk, monitor and keyboard tray. Each option outlines its unique construction design and integrated features that make it stand out. The Eureka Z1-S Gaming Desk features an accommodating and cutting edge construction design. For a sophisticated and expensive finish, Glass would be perfect. Was a bargin deal for the price! This, however, doesn’t mean that the table is not stable or secure enough. The themes can range from clean, sleek and modern to an edgy, Star-Wars battle station. Gadgetsdeck.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. The design of the gaming desk also features a smart space-saving concept. The low price tag on the Walker Edison L-shaped desk gives it added value. Mr Ironstone gaming desk’s multipurpose design gives you a cost-cutting solution – whether you are gaming or engaged in serious desk work. The design of a gaming desk should be such, that it provides a comfortable and aesthetic space for maintaining optimal concentration along with a healthy posture. Could see it being more costly than it is. In fact, its design allows you to accommodate up to two monitors at a time. The lightweight and movable features of the GreenForest Gaming Desk allows you the convenience of working or gaming from anywhere you want. Additionally, drawers and cabinets are significantly important to maintain a neat gaming space. Standard desks are affordable, durable and easy to assemble. Obviously, until and unless you got a lot of money to spend on your gaming setup. It also has a smooth surface which is generally preferred by the users. They are particularly designed for games to enhance their overall gaming experience. Its choice of high-quality material on the other end delivers a highly protective and durable finish. The desk also features an elaborate cable management design. The gamer desk even incorporates a solid R-shaped design. Mr Ironstone has designed a full range of high quality desks depending on each purpose so that you can treat yourself investing in the desk you need. This, in turn, gives the user quite a cost-saving investment. The gaming desk frames feature a solid and stable Z-shape construction design. But, don’t let the heavy frame throw you off, as it is this very same feature that makes the table stable, sturdy and durable. Keep in mind that the stainless steel frame adds weight, thus, you may need help during the process. The thicker leg dimension, in particular, fortifies the desk’s stable and solid build which in turn means increased durability. The height adjustability feature also provides you with the freedom to set the desired legroom for yourself. And as you indulged in your gaming, the 29-inch desk height provides enough legroom to leave you comfortable for longer periods. Thus, under 30 minutes, you can easily assemble the desk with precision, with the help of the included instruction booklet. Maybe if the manufacturer has added fewer holders the overall look of the desk would have been much better. The L-shaped metal frame legs also help to enhance the desk’s stability and prevent wobbling. The legs also feature a slightly higher dimension of 2.6 square inches compared to the regular 1.4 square inches f most common gaming desk. And it doesn’t end there, below the holes, the cables are directed through a mesh to the outlets. We did research on what are the top-selling gaming desks on Amazon are, what other websites are promoting. Polymerized Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a synthetic polymer that is used for a variety of applications, one of them being furniture. Yes, its surely not the beautiful looking gaming desk in the market, but that’s fine considering the price and purposes it fulfills. Its eloquent finish also incorporates elaborate lines to give it that classy, office like the contemporary style. The gaming station is also pretty easy and simple to assemble and comes with an instruction manual with vivid step by step images. added features and broad versatility. PVC is nowhere near eco-friendly, and despite it being easier on the wallet is actually a huge environmental burden from its manufacturing to its recycling. And at such an affordable price, the Coleshome is the ultimate quality at an enticingly low price tag. Great customer service to boot. We earn a small fee when you buy through our links. The gaming desk also features generous dimensions to help accommodate all your equipment.