T PMS. Our fully trained employees specialize in the planning, installation and maintenance of alarm systems and receive training to remain up to date with the latest developments in the industry. The data structure of the PKE entrance management system is designed so that options for defining client rights can be adapted to most customer requirements. into its security management system (AVASYS®) and controlling them using deeply integrated interfaces. The DHS-X system enables voice communication between the holding cells and the assigned offices, playback of music programs, differentiation of normal and priority calls, collective and group announcements, diverse alarm, sabotage and display functions and operation specially optimized for prisons. The AVASYS® security management system is used for higher-level operation and control of various security subsystems, such as burglar alarms, entrance systems, fire detectors, intercoms, paging, public address/evacuation systems and much more. There are 991 suppliers who sells pke alarm system on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia. For these applications, PKE video analysis (VBPS) is ideal. However, because security guards cannot be everywhere at once, they are usually aided by video cameras. 2 Way Car alarm. - AVASYS® access is developed by PKE entirely in-house and is independent from the functional cores of third-party providers. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy Terms of Use 1688.com // Fast, secure responses // Intuitive operation // Large number of supported peripherals // Highest availability // Highest reliability // Tailor-made customer solutions. at different operating stations, without negatively impacting the entire system. When a signal is detected by sensors, the sensors will send alarm signal to alarm host immediately. With our simple to install systems, you will be feeling the quality of life which current generation vehicle owners are enjoying. tailored to your interests. Due to space restrictions, a single monitor usually cannot display all images from all cameras, and even with sequencing runs, most cameras go unmonitored. into its security management system (AVASYS®) and controlling them using deeply integrated interfaces. Smart key RFID PKE Car Alarm system with PKE, touch password entry and shock sensor alarm One-button start: Oil pump detection, remote start, remote unlock and lock, mute fortification, anti-theft alarm, keyless entry, and parking lock Detaillierte Push start button. These segments can have an array of properties (manual deletion; manual/automatic deletion; ring memory automatically overwritten) and can be freely assigned to various tasks (e.g. alarm memory, continuous recording, etc.). 3.we can provide you with 24 hour online technical support and after-sale service , 2 years warranty . PKE offers the option of integrating systems from all major manufacturers into its security management system (AVASYS®) and controlling them using deeply integrated interfaces. to the use of cookies. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 Our software tracks all of the paths of your goods automatically. PKE also offers corresponding consulting for the optimal use of all AVASYS® functions involving access for your company. PKE is certified to install public address and evacuation systems in accordance with EN 54-16 and EN60849 and has the expertise to construct systems for the strictest security requirements. The video display in AVASYS® allows for videos to be switched on automatically in case of an alarm, defined sequences to be played back and cameras to be switched on manually. They visualize, analyze and document your logistics processes in real time. As a result, even the most stringent security requirements for modern fire detection systems can be covered and fulfilled. The right information is therefore always available for you immediately for shipment tracking. Globally active logistics specialists across Europe trust our solutions for visualizing, analyzing and documenting dynamic processes and their interfaces between humans and machines. The EASYGUARD PKE car alarm systemsc ombine with PKE-passive keyless entry, push start button, remote engine start & more function. Despite this versatility, it is still a unified, whole system. At EASYGUARD, we do not just provide you a product, but a reliable safety solution for your vehicles. 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