This makes it all the more important to read the following Nutanix KB, which details the steps required to gracefully shutdown and restart a Nutanix cluster with any of the hypervisors . If the cluster is running properly, output similar to the following is displayed for each node in the cluster: ... nutanix@cvm$ cvm_shutdown -P now. Step 2: SSH in to any Nutanicx CVM to start Nutanix acropolis cluster by following command: To check Nutanix cluster services status to run following command: Step 3: Now do power on all guest VMs from Prism or command lineOption 3.1 Open Prism > Home > VM > select VM > click on “Power on”. 5 minutes for all services to start, Confirm cluster services are running with ‘, Verify all services are up on all controller VM with ‘, Once all nodes are up you will get to log into each esxi host and re-enable automatic startup for the controller VM. machines to other hosts in cluster. Step 3 : Now you have to shutdown all guest VMs ( Windows and Linux ), Note: Don’t shutdown Nutanix CVM ( Nutanix Controller VM ), To shutdown Nutnanix Guest VMs you have two options, Option 1 : Through Nutanix Prism Web console, Option 2 Through you can shutdown all Guest VMs from single Nutanix acli command. Option 3.2 You can use single Nutanix acli command to power-on the all guest VMs by following command from any Nutanix CVM: Step 4: Now you can check your all Guest VMs power status. SSH to Nutanix CVM ( Nutanix Controller VM) one by one of Nutanix cluster to run following command: Note: Always use the Nutanix cvm_shutdown -P now command to shutdown the Controller VM. Note : After all Nutanix CVM goes shutdown then you can go ahead for step 6, Step 6: Now shutdown Nutanix AHV node, one by one through IPMI or SSH, There is two option to shutdown the Nutanix AHV host. the system is using pynfs, which by default is none-persistent and will not be Curious - Is the CVM auto-start a necessary step? SSH any Nutanix CVM (Nutanix Controller VM) of Nutanix AHV cluster and run following command and Wait until run successfully. and directly mounted as local datastore and there will be no impact on shutting Note : Nutanix CVM boots automatically after Nutanix AHV hosts booted successfully. When the system is configured with 16Gb satadom, local Hopefully, Now you are become expert to stop / shutdown / start the Nutanix acropolis cluster without any hesitation. datastore is mounted as a pynfs. Shut down the host. Step 2: Pre-check the Nutanix acropolis cluster health from Prism web consoleOption 2.1. Preparation - Check the cluster The first thing… Shut down all VM on the Nutanix cluster except the CVM, SSH into any CVM and stop Nutanix cluster with ‘, Ensure all services are stopped on all CVM (Zeus and Scavenger will be UP and. mounted unless vCenter is available (dvSwitch information is stored in vCenter SSH to each AVH host one by one of Nutanix AHV cluster and run following command: Confirmation : To check Nutanix AHV Host Power Status, just ping all Nutanix AHV host IP addresses. Read Also: How to Shutown / stop / start Nutanix vSphere Cluster. Stop all AFS cluster VMs if applicable; Stop the Nutanix cluster. Before the start the nutanix acropolis cluster need to wait 10-15 minute to boot up the all Nutanix Nodes ( included AHV host and CVM) and ping all AHV host and CVMs. You can only shut down one node Dell Nutanix: How to Shutdown a Node Safely on the Nutanix XC System ... Hyper-V: In Failover Cluster Manager, right-click on the node in question and then click on Pause and then Drain Roles. Hyper-HCI Tech is open-share platform to Publish trending technology Blogs on Virtualization, Nutanix, VMware, Google, Cloud, AWS, Azure etc. Optional 2.2 you can also run Nutanix cluster health check ( Nutanix NCC ) from Command line interface (CLI). Nutanix is a Hypervisor agnostic platform, it supports AHV, Hyper-V, ESXi and XEN. Related Posts. This comment has been removed by the author. root@ahv# shutdown -h now. This is very rare activity to shutdown / power off / stop the Nutanix Acropolis AHV cluster in production environment. Just SSH to any Nutanix CVM (Nutanix Controller VM) and run following command: Note : Above command will not shutdown Nutanix CVM. If there are any errors or failures, contact Nutanix Support. To Shutdown / stop / start Nutanix Acropolis AHV Cluster in case of periodic maintenance or hardware relocation or any down time etc via command. Step 4: Now you have to Stop / shutdown Nutanix cluster through following command: Command will prompt confirmation type “YES” to proceed to shutdown Nutanix cluster. 16 replies; 57894 views R rifqi Voyager; 1 reply First time you must ssh to all CVM node and write the script cvm_shutdown -P and then you go to Vcenter and login to all node you can right click and shutdown.