Zone 4 was somewhat difficult, but decent again. Make the most of your games and hardware with some creative ideas. In a way, it has that Warner Brothers cartoon feel to it with all the strange angles certain objects have, but stylistically, it is distinct with the chrome objects as well. This creates a genius contrast to the often twisted events that unfold, almost comparable to the look/direction of The Mark of Kri. Each zone has a series of levels. Praise was particularly directed at the game's intuitive mechanics, innovative level design, and comical concepts. GitHub Re-Instates YouTube-DL After Letter from the EFF -, YouTube Backup Tool YouTube DL Taken Down on GitHub After RIAA Complaint, Announcement: The November 2020 Wiki Mini-Update -, Announcement: The October 2020 Wiki Content Patch. The Best N64 Games That Still Matter Today - DAYUP. To say that it rounded out the originality factor on the N64 would be doing it a tremendous disservice; this title filled the void completely. Rather than follow along with the formula of collecting 100 of something and collecting keys or special items in each world, it went on to do something different where you simply took control of various enemies and used them to fight other enemies as the player makes their way through the various environments. To say that it rounded out the originality factor on the N64 would be doing it a tremendous disservice; this title filled the void completely. Maybe I should implant my dead dog with a robo-chip. Space Station Silicon Valley (N64) Review Space Station Silicon Valley (N64) Review Space Station Silicon Valley (N64) Review from Solo Wing Fury 12m16s. Replay value: 7/10 Expansion Pak accessories added extra RAM to the N64, often improving a game's graphics, framerate or resolution. It was incredible, applauded … This is the most wonderful game I have ever played! Perhaps the only complaint I have is that there really wasn’t a whole lot in the way of effects. Another positive attribute is the number of different animals one could take control of. “B” makes the sheep go “Baaaa!” Other features of each animal tend to be passive, but present – typically revolving around how the animal can handle water or how it interacts with other animals. The game is split up into four “zones”. However, NTSC copies of Silicon Valley are known to crash on startup if an Expansion Pak is present, making the pre-installed Jumper Pak a safer choice. I thought the beginning 2 zones made the experience worth it. After comically approaching the station in space, the two lose control and crash land inside the station. All Rights Reserved. Introduction Game Detail. By the time I got part way through zone 2, the constant task of learning something new got to be more of a chore than fun. An excellent review Racketboy… Guess I’ll just have to (also) get me a N64 and SSSV cartridge… Sounds extremely promising, really. Combining the finest 3-D graphics ever developed for a video game and an explosive... Trouble is brewing on Spiral Mountain! Metacritic ranks the game within the top 10 Nintendo 64 games released in 1998. Discover the rarest and more valuable games of all time. The sound effects chosen, I thought, worked well for the game. This time around we have contributer, SegaVega reviewing one of his favorite under-appreciated gems, Space Station Silicon Valley for the Nintendo 64. In the case of the sheep, “A” allows the sheep to jump and float through the air. The main feature of the reduced state of Evo is the ability to take control of “deactivated” robotic animals that roam throughout the space station. I liked being the kangaroo. The level design was a bit underwhelming at times but I loved this game and still do! Review: Space Station – Silicon Valley (N64), COVID-19 Outbreak Hits Prison Where Julian Assange is Held, Julian Assange Trial Postponed Due to Possible COVID-19 Exposure, New Feature: You Can Now Subscribe to Us on FeedBurner. “There are assuredly a thousand titles of fair quality and general obscurity, but moving up the list of the most criminally overlooked games ever, one absolutely flooring title has been disregarded to an unequivocal extent… I’m referring to the phenomenal title Space Station Silicon Valley whose excellence is simply unreal. It may have made for a good feature in a sequel, but unfortunately, we know what happened on that front. One positive attribute of this game is that it offers a unique twist in the adventure genre. To those who’ve not played Space Station Silicon Valley, I implore that you do so. One of the most innovative games ever made! Blocky graphics, shoddy control, stupid storyline...AND ONE OF THE GREATEST GAMES EVER!!! Over 40. Something about a trophy that appears but cannot be picked up? As the player, you control Evo. They manage through this, to kill an android dog in love with an android sheep (yes). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The sound effects themselves are also quite priceless. Story: You won’t be able to make up for it’s poor sales, but it’ll appreciate the purchase nonetheless, rewarding you with one of the finest gaming experiences the world has never experienced.”, Similar Posts From These Categories: The gap was big and there was little room to move around. Please log in or register to continue. The methods of obtaining the trophy changes from level to level and can be really hard to figure out what one must do to collect the souvenir trophy. The review is a little bit too enthusiastic, though. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Discover the games that gave each machine its personality. With so many unique and interesting games from the past out there, I obviously don’t have time to review them all myself. Few titles before or since have ever contained as much playability, with even upcoming games like Viva Pinata holding only a piece of Silicon’s whole. GameSpot: Space Station Silicon Valley Review: 7.1 / 10. Hmm...Floating sheep, racing turtles, rat that fart and lay mines, and camels with cannons on their humps: There's something you don't see everyday., Quirky, clever, yet dreadfully slow-paced. While this added a great dimension to the gameplay, I found it to also be a bit of a pitfall as well. I thought this element was quite refreshing and different. Some of these objectives makes sense given the environment, but others are simply bizarre undertakings. More effects could have helped in this category. In other instances, you only got to take control of the animal once in the entire game before you moved on (such as the flying dog and the lion). Way to go! After comically approaching the station in space, the two lose control and crash land inside the station. After playing through that, I made it to the final stage where I was able to Control Evo. Gameplay: Each animal you take over has two features that can be used via the “A” or “B” buttons respectively. Submit a review and let your voice be heard. To elaborate on it’s origins, this game was a laborious effort developed in Scotland by DMA Design, and released for the Nintendo 64 in 1998. Get a nice roundup of new retro gaming content once or twice a month. This is all I will say so as not to spoil the finale for those who have yet to play this title. The greatest most worthless game I have ever played... Hello, little puppy! To top it off, each NPC animal responds differently to the animal you are controlling, as well as to the abilities you may use to attack it. I used to play when I was younger, but I never personally owned the game. This is another reason I wish my N64 still worked. Space Station: Silicon Valley (Nintendo 64) review by Zack Little. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The game however, later moves on to a much wider selection of animals. Required fields are marked *. I could never get over that damn lava pit. from Solo Wing Fury.