If you drop your dutch oven and break or chip it, you can’t request a new one. Less durable than premium brands, affordable for … You’ll spend serious cash on a French Dutch oven, but you’ll likely only have to do it once, since they last for decades. No one tests cookware like we do. Some brands offer a dutch oven product that has been constructed of alternative materials, like clad stainless steel or aluminum. If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care The low profile of this brasier — just five inches high — makes it easier to store. Even with few well-known names on the market, it can be difficult to feel confident in a purchasing decision. The best dutch ovens are made from strong, durable cast iron materials that retain heat and distribute it evenly throughout the dish. You may be able to beat Tramontina’s durability with a dutch oven from the Martha Stewart Collection. A note for your safety, use an oven mitt when cooking with this dish. This can be especially noticeable across the pan interior, which generates the most contact with food, but is also worth considering if you’re considering the white exterior color option. Their dutch ovens are generally of good quality, although there have been some manufacturing inconsistencies that resulted in product recalls due to enamel chipping. While heavy cast iron is a good indicator of quality, make sure the dish you choose is light enough to maneuver about the kitchen. Product Title Tramontina 3.5-Quart Enameled Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven Average Rating: ( 4.7 ) out of 5 stars 125 ratings , based on 125 reviews Current Price $34.97 $ 34 . Stainless Steel for Durability: Tramontina Tri-Ply Clad Covered Dutch Oven, 5 Qt. Owners trying to exactly color match this dish with another in their collection might be disappointed. The Tramontina dutch oven comes with a lifetime warranty against product defects. In addition, cooks find that the ever-so-slightly textured quartz enamel finish develops a seasoned quality and contributes to better browning. Their products tend to be slightly cheaper than Le Creuset, but still near the top of the market. Because the enamel is somewhat porous, it is also likely that surfaces will collect stains when exposed to dark acidic foods like tomatoes at high temperatures. Reactivate now These ridges collect steam and allow condensed liquid to drip back down evenly across the food, rather than only at the edges of the lid. Learn More. For example, we use a Griswold frying pan set in our kitchen that is nearly 100 years old. If you’re looking for the incredible heat distribution and retention of cast iron but want a Dutch oven that washes well and looks great, then an enamel Dutch oven is right for you. The enamel used in the dish interior is white across all different product configurations. The typical Dutch oven is a versatile cooking option, but if you’re specifically looking for a version to brown meats evenly and produce juicy, tender roasts, then a brasier is your best bet. It also is a great option for roasting meats, thanks to the small spikes lining the lid to assist in self-basting the meat. Both the stainless steel lid handle and cast iron handles on the primary dish can get dangerously hot when used in the oven and on the stovetop. For a Dutch oven that resists sticking, opt for an anodized aluminum option like this 7-quart version from Calphalon. FAQs or access your A big concern with enamel Dutch ovens is chipping of the protective enamel coating. While it’s similar to other gourmet Dutch ovens, the Staub version has a matte black enameled interior that won’t show stains or scratches as easily as competitor’s white enameled interiors. In addition to offering decades of reliable cooking performance, it just looks great. Additionally, the warranty does not cover minor color variations. Many owners who provided a review of their experience with this product noted that the interior enamel began to wear off after a few years of use. Our course, our preference is highly subjective and you may find that another color works best in your kitchen. The limitations of its ceramic-coated aluminum construction make the dish impractical as an oven, so it really only functions effectively as a stock pot. While cast iron is hard to beat when it comes to conducting heat, the tri-ply construction of this version from Tramontina means that an aluminum core radiates heat evenly throughout the cookware. You may opt-out by. We spent 10 hours compiling owner feedback and product information on the Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, and comparing this product with other leading brands.