Your Yammer network is a network full of useful and valuable information, growing in size as more of your users contribute. It’s not just about implementing Yammer though. Enter a relevant topic name and click the Add button. Click the More link at the bottom of the message and choose ‘Add Topic’ from the dropdown menu. Look out for next week’s post will be on tips for engagement and how to ensure your Yammer users see the full range of its use and benefits. Consult your Customer Success Manager for more information on Directory Sync. create an ‘HR’ feed for people ‘HR’ people and a ‘Sales’ feed for your ‘Sales’ people. Directory Sync integrates Yammer with the company directory so that when an employee leaves the organization and is removed from the company directory, he is automatically removed from the Yammer network as well. Accidentally de-activated a user? Additionally, it was mentioned to try to have posts end with a question rather than just a statement. There are some real challenges for Financial Services organisations in adapting to the digital age. A … Pro tip: Set up a Yammer specialist group that meets once a month to share insights, ideas, and best practices with the broader network Millennials Fill out your Profile so your colleagues know what skills you possess. But, where does it all go? To add a topic to a message click the More link at the bottom of the message and select ‘Add Topic’ from the dropdown menu. While all the content he shared in your network will remain intact, he will be marked as a “former user” so everyone knows he’s no longer available. Confirm the de-activation. Go to the user’s profile and click on the de-activation link from the module in the right sidebar. Search for the former employee and choose from the following options: deactivate user, permanently remove user and save all messages, or permanently remove user and delete all messages. In the lightbox that opens, enter a Group name and click the ‘Create Group’ button. By the Yammer team. So how do you create a group? It delivers a complete, intelligent, and secure solution to empower people. Social Intranets und Tools gehen noch einen Schritt weiter. In this group, they can share resources and best practices for getting the most of Yammer, and for encouraging others to get as engaged. To learn more about our approach to security standards, please visit Both cultural and regulatory barriers make it difficult to navigate both the opportunities and threats that digital can bring. We’re extremely committed to driving trust and transparency in the cloud, and have recently joined the Cloud Security Alliance, where we’ll play an active role in defining security standards and initiatives for all cloud companies. Designate a recipient email address for the alert notifications at the top of the page. N.B. Click the plus button next to the Groups link from the left navigation on your homepage. Yammer offers robust user management capabilities that allow you to keep the right people inside your network and the wrong people out. With Yammer topics, you can organize content into an easily searchable pool of past and present knowledge. Curious to see how your employees are using Yammer? To preserve the integrity of your business, schedule daily or weekly data exports to meet legal and regulatory compliance. Schon bei klassischen Intranet-Projekten war es Best Practice relevante Stakeholder verschiedener Abteilungen und Bereiche mit an Bord zu nehmen. Last week, we looked at how Yammer how can improve your workspace as an enterprise social tool that can facilitate increased productivity, efficient collaboration and effective communication. There are many factors that contribute to a thriving Yammer network: engaged employees willing to share information, an educated user base that is not afraid to learn a new tool, and buy-in from leadership throughout the organization. Navigate to the Admin Console and click the Monitor Keywords link from the left navigation. ( Log Out /  Click into Analytics from the left navigation on your homepage. A useful way of organising your enterprise social network is by departments i.e. If you are a Business customer, we recommend that you designate a network admin to remove former employees manually by following the simple steps below: Deactivated users will no longer have access to your Yammer network and will be marked as “former users” so everyone knows they’re no longer available. Neben Marketing gehören unter anderem auch Vertreter des Betriebsrats in die Projektgruppe. Here’s how: Once the Data Export download is complete, open the file to access records of all the Groups, Messages, Topics, Users, and more added to your network in the designated timeframe. Navigate to the Admin Console and click the Remove Users link from the left navigation. Download the new eBook, “Collaboration hacks from real-life teams,” to learn how companies have reinvented their workplace culture to compete in an information-intensive, interconnected world, where innovation happens in real-time, around the clock and across time zones and geographies. Toggle the relative time frame from the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Keep the right people in and deactivate those who shouldn’t be there. Not a problem! 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As your network grows, the amount of valuable information that passes through your feeds is incredible. If you de-activate an existing employee by mistake, he can easily re-activate his account from the login page using his work email address. Yammer offers additional user management capabilities for Enterprise customers. Use Keyword Monitoring to receive email alerts whenever designated keywords or phrases are posted in any message on Yammer. Or track mobile app activity to find out which devices your employees prefer. But how can you be sure the information you share remains secure and well organized as your network grows? ( Log Out /  Some of our successful Yammer communities kept members engaged through activities such as having the members vote on the image for the community, holding Yammer scavenger hunts, and other competitions. Remember that Yammer’s 3rd party integration strategy is a Data-based integration and not a feature integration.